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Pine Castle-Pershing Elementary School

Adress: 905 Waltham Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809
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Reviews of Pine Castle-Pershing Elementary School
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Amber Kidder, May, 26 2020
The YMCA program at this school is ridiculous!!!!! Professionalism is ZERO, and furthermore, they change procedures without notice and harass parents. I have never dealt with more rude people in my life than the supervisors over this program. My son doesn't have to complete his homework, but he sure does know how to whip and nae nae. I refuse to pay another DIME to the YMCA, and should NOT be the only option for working parents to have an after school program like this. They do NOTHING for the cost of this program. $172 a month is pretty obscene for for less than an hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon. I will be filing a complaint to the Orange County School Board as well.
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